During the 2016 Portland Place Matters conference in early October, Susan Kerosky, a fellow Coraggian, was involved with a team of dedicated members that addressed chronic disease issues within communities. Place Matters is an annual conference of national, regional and local health leaders that share their bright spots, and collectively problem solve to address some of their greatest challenges.

The event congreates healthcare professionals striving for the same goal–helping their community. “Whether it was our own panel discussing community clinical linkages or the integration of behavioral health into prevention, I am inspired to continue pursuing the numerous opportunities to support driving system level changes to meet the triple aim: better health, better care and lower costs,” said Kerosky.

The leaders who attend Place Matters are more than employees of their organizations; they are the pioneers of our community. Here are some of the topics they shared:

  • Place Matters allows for integrating efforts for better health, better care and lower costs.
  • It brings together the greatest thinking from our national, regional and local leaders to address some of the greatest challenges in how they do their day to day work.
  • Focuses on specific issues such as–how a distance of two-miles can have a major impact on health and longevity.

Above all, Place Matters believes in the power of collaboration–that’s what makes this conference so unique.

We look forward to our involvement next year!