The adidas Future Team is the advanced research, design and development arm of adidas, responsible for the future product concepts across the adidas product spectrum. Always looking for ways to improve, Future team leadership wanted to examine their proven innovation process from top to bottom. This involved analyzing, documenting and redefining the mechanics of current adidas’ innovation processes.


Coraggio was tasked to evaluate what was happening in each step of the innovation process relative to processes of the last ten years. The team was interested in developing a document outlining the mechanics of innovation, as a sequel to their internal document outlining the principles of innovation. The proposed audit needed to answer a few key questions, including but not limited to:

  • How have our innovation processes evolved?
  • How do the various product and functional teams within Future use the current process?
  • How do our team’s best practices compare to one another?


Using a combination of facilitated retreats, interviews and work sessions with the leadership team and staff, Coraggio Group developed a composite process map from insight to product completion, and delivered a document codifying the most current processes and requirements needed to create the game changing products of the future. By analyzing what was similar, what had changed and what needed to be modified, Future was able to improve their innovation processes and document the team’s best practices for future evaluation, teaching new team members, and communicating across adidas.