Travel Oregon Leaps from Great to Greater


Travel Oregon is a semi-independent agency created by the Oregon Legislature in 2003 to enhance Oregonians’ quality of life by strengthening the economic impact of the state’s $8.7 billion tourism industry.

Travel Oregon is an organization deeply committed to a spirit of continuous improvement —the idea that going from great to greater is not only possible, it’s not negotiable. It was this spirit that led the CEO to hire Coraggio to lead an organizational review project designed to assess structure, communication processes and work flow.


Travel Oregon had not conducted an organization review in nine years. Leadership felt it was important to embark upon a focused process of assessing whether the current organizational structure was designed in a way that best supported the organization’s ability to deliver on its strategic plan.

Understandably, organizational assessments produce a level of anxiety among staff—whenever an outside consulting firm is called in to look at roles, responsibilities and reporting lines, team members become concerned. Our challenge was to design an assessment method that would include the entire staff in the process. The goal was to have staff feel as though the process was being done with them, rather than to them, while at the same time identifying certain hot spots that were causing challenges.


Through an interview and dialogue process that included all employees, as well as an organization-wide confidential survey, we were able to uncover specific “pinch-points” in Travel Oregon’s structure and cross-functional work- flows. Over the course of approximately four months, we used this research to design a process of developing organization structure scenarios aimed at addressing the pinch points. We included all staff members in the process of vetting two scenarios and, ultimately, established organization-wide consensus on the best go- forward organizational structure. We also worked to clarify roles and responsibilities. Currently, we are working with Travel Oregon’s global marketing function to streamline and further optimize project intake and production management processes.