Leading Effective Strategy

Leading Effective Strategy

Our insights on helping leaders get clear, get focused and get moving.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have made a difference for each of the clients we’ve had the privilege of serving over the years, and for having done so in a way that has been true to our values and the principles that guide how we work. Along the way, we’ve gathered insights we believe are helpful to leaders as they work to move their organizations forward. We hope they are as illuminating for you as they have been for us.

All In: Why the Best Leaders Involve Key Stakeholders in Strategy Development

By: Trever Cartwright & Michelle Janke

What you'll learn:

  • Why most strategic initiatives fall short of their goals
  • A fresh three-track strategic planning approach that integrates people and process for greater impact
  • How to overcome planning barriers that hinder stakeholder buy-in and engagement
  • Case studies on adidas, Portland State University, Travel Oregon and Women's Healthcare Associates

Focus Your Funding for Greater Impact

By: Coraggio Group & Civitas Advisors

If you're a Destination Marketing Organization with new TID funding or you’ve recently increased your funding amount, your stakeholders will be keenly interested in how you prioritize spending those funds. Once the funding is secure, that path to delivering programs to meet stakeholder expectation may not be clear. Learn about how to focus your funding and the types of strategies that might be an appropriate first step for your organization.