Coraggio is a unique environment in which people are able to be themselves, do their best work each day, and learn and grow personally and professionally.


A day in the life of Coraggio is never the same and never boring. In fact, some days are just plain crazy. They typically start early and often end late. We may get tired—but we never get burned out. We love what we do and genuinely enjoy working with one another—whether it’s as teammates on a client engagement or as an entire firm working on a community project. We have zero patience for office politics, prefer good judgment over bureaucratic policies, and respect the uniqueness of every individual.

We’re often asked, “Why Coraggio…?”

It’s a good question—and we love sharing the answer. Coraggio is the Italian word for courage. Courage is at the core of everything we do with and for our clients. Our name serves as a constant reminder of what it means to be both an advocate and a voice of truth, even if the truth is hard for clients to hear.

If this sounds like the kind of culture you’re interested in being a part of, give us a call. We’re always looking for great talent and courageous thinkers.