ResponsiveOrg-2What is ResponsiveOrg, and how might an eclectic band of 50 Portland professionals collaborate to learn more about the movement and share best practices with local organizations? Those and other questions were posed and pondered at the inaugural ResponsiveOrg PDX meeting this past Wednesday, hosted in Coraggio’s North Portland office. The event, co-organized by Coraggio Principal Kit Cody and XPLANE Consultant Nina Narelle, was inspired by mutual passion for the movement to make work more meaningful, productive, and equitable.

Informed by agile software development principles and innovative organizational design practices, like those pioneered at Google and Zappos, “ResponsiveOrg” is a loose term used to describe efforts to “fundamentally shift the way we work and organize in the 21st century” (more info at  With a wide-spread network of advocates, and dozens of local groups around the world, it was only a matter of time before ResponsiveOrg gained traction in Rip City.

ResponsiveOrg-LoFiAttendees at the event warmed up with beverages, networking, videos, and a ‘Lo-Fi Social Network’ game (attendees created profile cards, posted them to the wall, and mapped their social graph with pieces of yarn).

Drawing on ResponsiveOrg’s principles of team collaboration and self-management, the main event of the night featured a facilitated idea-mapping session. Attendees posted notes below five questions intended to tease out the future of ResponsiveOrg initiatives in Portland: i.e. “How might we connect in the future to share ideas and insights?” or “What thought leaders or entrepreneurs would you like to hear from?” Once everyone’s ideas had been posted, the attendees organized the notes into themes, and then voted, using stickers on the themes that were most interesting.

Initial enthusiasm focused on several areas:

  • ResponsiveOrg book club
  • Informal, after-work networking events
  • Speakers who have succeeded, and failed, using ResponsiveOrg principles
  • Learning events, to share practical tools and tips for productive workplaces
  • A desire to define clearer PURPOSE for the group

Several Coraggians were in attendance at the event, and we were thrilled to host, and participate, in the activities. For more information on next steps, or upcoming ResponsiveOrg events in Portland, visit the ResponsiveOrg PDX Meetup Page.