"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."
— Steve Jobs

About Kit

Kit’s passion is finding creative solutions to the complex challenges confronting organizations
in the 21st Century. He has long worked with leaders to facilitate strategy and planning across marketing, organizational design, growth, and product development initiatives. His data-driven approach is rooted in customer focus, business metrics, and agile

An entrepreneur by nature, Kit has founded several high-growth startups, and leverages
insights from launching products and running technology companies to partner with organizations intent on growth and transformation. Clients have included AARP, Entertainment Book, Bertelsmann, Bechtel, Disney, and numerous B Corps (Chinook Book, CleanFish, and The Green School among them). He was also the founding CEO of Rwanda Ventures, a social enterprise launching purpose-driven companies in East Africa.

Kit aspires to help clients leverage business as a force for good. He is a social media
enthusiast, a ResponsiveOrg advocate, and a featured speaker at events including the Interact Conference, Africa Gathering, NYU Social Innovation Forum and SOCAP.