“A leader is someone you choose to follow to a place you would not go by yourself."
— Joel Barker

About Susan

Susan helps organizations build their effectiveness through strategy, organization and leadership development.

She began her consulting career at McKinsey & Company where she partnered with various Fortune 500 organizations as they developed their strategic plans.  Susan left McKinsey to sharpen her expertise in implementing and engaging leaders in strategy.   She worked as a Director of Customer Satisfaction at Mazda Motors and as an organization development specialist at People Tech consulting.  Prior to joining Coraggio Susan was a partner in the talent practice at Mercer where she worked for 12 years as a specialist in leadership and front line development.

Susan is also an active researcher.  She has published articles on the measurement of leadership quality, has conducted research on millenialization and has developed a leadership development game for which she has a patent in her name.

Susan has a BSc in Computer Science, a Masters in Public Administration, a Masters in Organization Development and a PhD. in Human Development.