Lindsay Gettmann

Visual Communications Specialist

Telling a story in an interesting and creative way has the power to transform a passive listener into an active participant—someone who is inspired to act and has the clarity see the path forward.

As our in-house graphic designer, I make things easier to understand. Most of the deliverables we produce for clients go through my desk before they leave our office. I enjoy partnering with all our consultants to help them better convey their ideas, insights and solutions through compelling visual communications and easy-to-understand infographics. I also work as part of our internal marketing team to design the unique look and feel of our many consulting frameworks, as well as the promotional materials we use help our firm stand out.  As you can imagine, my days are packed.

In my free time, I enjoy reading a good book, visiting local art galleries, going to music shows or just spending down time with friends.

A few clients I’ve had the pleasure of designing for:

  • Los Angeles Travel & Convention Board
  • Oregon Health Authority
  • Explore Minnesota
  • City of Oregon City
  • Organically Grown

Articles by Lindsay

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