We help leaders and their teams Get Clear, Get Focused and Get Moving on their most important strategic and organizational challenges.


We help our clients make their most important strategic decisions and then turn those decisions into action.

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​As the saying goes: "If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there."

When an organization is clear on its vision and tackles each day with a laser-like focus on its strategic goals, it is better able to sustain high performance. Regardless of the size and scope of the engagement, we work to make the strategy process interesting and engaging for all involved. Setting a clear strategic direction is an important leadership moment in any organization’s evolution. With this in mind, we make the process transparent and inclusive, finding the right ways to include the entire organization in the process so that when it’s time to roll the plan out, employees feel a sense of ownership and clear on the role they play in moving their organization forward.

Our Strategy Practice helps clients tackle the following important needs:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Growth Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Market Research, Analysis & Insight
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Vision and Mission Setting & Refinement
  • Implementation Tools & Processes
  • Scenario Planning



Case Studies


The Mechanics of Innovation

What does “innovation” look like? The adidas Future team, which makes up the advanced research, design and development arm of… Read More

Travel Oregon

Unifying Stakeholders in Oregon’s Travel Industry

It’s different here in Oregon, and the world is noticing. As the region’s population has flourished, so has its tourism… Read More

Portland State University

Community Involvement and Smart Planning Blaze a Trail for the Future at PSU

Like many institutions across the country, Portland State University (PSU) has dealt with rising tensions and impassioned debate about resources… Read More

Providence Health and Services

Embracing the Uncertainty of Change

Providence Health & Services is a not-for-profit heath care system with 50 hospitals, 829 clinics and hundreds of locally driven… Read More

Portland Fire & Rescue

Taking the Temperature for Urban Public Services

Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) is the largest fire and emergency services provider in the state of Oregon. However, the… Read More

Tillamook County Creamery Association

Developing a Culture of Planning

Founded in 1909, Tillamook County Creamery Association is a dairy co-op owned by 99 farmers in Tillamook County, Oregon. Tillamook… Read More

KinderCare Education

Doing the Math on Strategy

Though KinderCare Education (formally Knowledge Universe) was the largest private early childhood education provider in the United States, the Great… Read More

Visit San Luis Obispo County

Planting the Seeds for a Strategic Growth Transformation

Visit SLO CAL inspires travel and fosters economic growth in San Luis Obispo County, a region known for its diverse… Read More

Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

A New Day for Los Angeles Tourism

Tourism is vital to the Los Angeles economy. In 2011, LA County welcomed over 40 million visitors who spent more… Read More

Change Management

​We help leaders and their organizations break through the complexities of organizational change.

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​Leaders often drive hard, then drive off.​

Despite a leader’s best intentions, preparing for, managing and implementing change isn’t easy. Employees don’t just “get on board” with change, though it would be great if they did. Getting clear on the full implications of a chosen strategic direction is the first step in implementing change—but is often overlooked by enthusiastic leaders who are driven by results rather than the nuance of engaging the hearts and minds of their employees.

Our team of change specialists works with organizations of all sizes to bring structure and clarity to the people side of change. While we utilize a range of change management frameworks, our strength is in the way we customize our approach to support our clients’ strategic direction and overall business objectives.

Our Change Management practice helps clients address the following needs:

  • Change Management Strategy Design
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Change Leadership Development
  • Leadership Communication Strategy & Messaging
  • Transition Management & Implementation Planning



Case Studies

Washington State Department of Health

People-Focused Transition for a Department Integration

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has a hand in everything from disaster relief to healthcare licensing for the… Read More

Library in Clackamas County (LINCC)

Writing the Book on the Human Side of Change Management

Libraries in Clackamas County (LINCC) operates as a logistics and coordinating organization, enriching the community by sharing resources across 13 member… Read More

Washington State Office of Financial Management

Creating HR Change Management with Deep Roots and Wide Branches

After a series of departmental restructures and shakeups, the Governor of Washington went out on a limb and pursued an… Read More

Leadership & Culture

The path to organizational effectiveness begins with leadership excellence.

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​Of all activities that take place in an organization, leadership is the single most important and by far the hardest.

We believe leadership is fundamental to the success of every organization. That’s why we make it a priority to integrate leadership development as part of every client engagement. The fact is, an organization cannot be consistently effective without strong leaders leading the way.

We work with leaders and leadership teams at all levels to help them further their individual and collective effectiveness as they work to improve the performance of their organizations and inspire every individual employee to do their best work every day.

Our Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness practice focuses on the following key areas:

  • Leadership Development
    • Executive Coaching & Counsel
    • Leadership Team Development
    • Succession Planning
    • Behavioral Assessments
    • Learning & Development Experiences
    • Leadership Assessments
  • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Culture Assessments
    • Team Dynamics
    • Employee Engagement
    • Organizational Structure
    • Performance Management



Case Studies


The Mechanics of Innovation

What does “innovation” look like? The adidas Future team, which makes up the advanced research, design and development arm of… Read More

Grand Central Bakery

A Fully-Baked Plan for Growth at Grand Central Bakery

Grand Central Bakery has sold delicious loaves, sandwiches and pastries to hungry patrons for more than 25 years. With 10… Read More

Family-Owned Food Manufacturer

A Customized Strategy to Raise Leaders from Within

A family-owned food manufacturer with over $1 billion in revenue operates plants across the United States. Business was thriving, but… Read More

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

A New Government Department Develops a Clear Sense of the Future

As part of a state-wide budget reform, Washington Legislature decided to reduce costs and streamline operations by merging five different… Read More

U.S. Travel Association

Driving an Industry Through Leadership Empowerment

The National Council of State Tourism Directors (NCSTD) provides leadership and a forum for information sharing and education on issues… Read More


Building an Integrated Marketing Strategy

This international architecture firm, based in Seattle, is known for planning and designing creative and sustainable spaces that foster innovation… Read More

San Francisco Travel

San Francisco Travel Leads the Way

Tourism is San Francisco’s largest industry, generating more than $8 billion in annual direct spending, which directly benefits San Francisco… Read More

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI)

Creating the New Energy Economy

As a prominent player in the fast-emerging energy conservation industry, Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated… Read More

Process Improvement

​We help our clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations.

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​Developing a culture of Continuous Improvement is a leadership journey, first and foremost.​

Maybe you know you could be delighting your customers in every interaction—not just some of them here and there. Perhaps you’re certain your key internal processes could be executing more efficiently—not just meeting a sub-optimal standard. And, despite your best intentions, the years go by with little to no change.

If this feels like a snapshot of your organization, you’re not alone.

Many organizations struggle to make the transition from the traditional management-directed, incremental improvement approach to a broader, “all staff as problem solvers” way of thinking. The good news is that this transition is possible. With a structured approach, implementation of new problem-solving methods, the right management tools and, most importantly, a relentless commitment from leadership, a continuous process improvement mindset can actually become hardwired into the DNA of an organization’s culture.

Our team of Continuous Improvement experts have decades of experience in various methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma. We partner with leaders and their organizations to help them prepare for, begin and stick with their Continuous Improvement journeys—and reap remarkable rewards along the way.

Our process improvement practice includes the following areas of focus:

  • Process Improvement Strategic Roadmap Development
  • Lean Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Process Improvement Design & Facilitation
  • Process Improvement Facilitator Development & Mentoring



Case Studies

Portland General Electric

A Lean Journey Leads to Higher Efficiency While Maintaining Effectiveness

For more than 125 years, Portland General Electric (PGE) has provided safe, reliable and responsibly generated power to 1.8 million… Read More

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

A New Government Department Develops a Clear Sense of the Future

As part of a state-wide budget reform, Washington Legislature decided to reduce costs and streamline operations by merging five different… Read More

Mackay Sposito

A Program of Continuous Improvement for a New ERP

Mackay Sposito provides planning and development services to the Energy, Public Works and Land Development markets. While the company collaborates seamlessly… Read More

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Creating Long-Term Energy Savings Through Market Innovation

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) brings together more than 100 utilities and energy conservation bodies from the Pacific Northwest…. Read More