What have you done today to create meaning and purpose as a leader?

By Michelle Janke

Gallup’s recent “State of the American Workplace” report indicates that U.S. workers are increasingly confident about the economy and ready to leave their current jobs. What are they looking for?  The answers – career growth, better pay and benefits, better leadership – aren’t surprising.  What is surprising, however, is the increasing importance of being inspired by their work. Gallup found that “most workers, many of whom are millennials, approach a role and a company with a highly-defined set of expectations. They want their work to have meaning and purpose .” They also report that:

  • Only 33% of employees are considered “engaged,” with almost 16% actively “disengaged”
  • 4 in 10 U.S. employees strongly agree that the mission or purpose of their company makes them feel their job is important
  • Employees cannot energize themselves to do all they could do without knowing how their job helps to fulfill a higher purpose

When employers combine purpose with the unique talents and strengths of their employees, the results are engagement. Here’s where Coraggio Group can help – we help leaders define the purpose of their organization, and create alignment on how that purpose connects to each individual.

Are you looking to raise the engagement of your team? Coraggio. This way up.