5 Obstacles That Can Tank Business Growth Goals

A business strategist stands in front of a whiteboard that has a detailed business development growth goals chart for a client.

The goal of any business, regardless of size, is to constantly grow to the next level. For this to happen, organizations need a business growth strategy in place that outlines the clearest, most successful path forward. Creating business goals is critical to growing a business, and by creating a plan, the business will be able to overcome obstacles along the way.  


Growth is never an easy venture, no matter how prepared you are for it. Many organizations face roadblocks that can stand in the way of them meeting their business development strategy goals. Preparing for these roadblocks can help you more effectively navigate them as they appear. Here are five of the most common obstacles that businesses face on the path to growth and development. 

Uncertain Scalability


When looking at your growth strategy, it’s important to determine if your current plan will produce scalable results. What are you looking for in terms of long term and short-term benefit? Is your operation prepared and capable of handling the anticipated growth at each major checkpoint? Do you have the resources, including the time, attention, and money to back up your current strategy? 


Inefficient Allocation of Resources 


Speaking of resources to backup your strategy, finding the resource “sweet spot” is a challenge for many growing businesses. If your business grows too quickly, you might not have the resources to deliver up to your customer’s standards, and you’ll end up putting undue stress on your organization as a result. Play it too safe in the resource department, and you might risk missing out on key growth opportunities. 


All the Proverbial Eggs in One Basket


Some businesses, especially ones just starting out, find themselves in the position of devoting too much time and resources to one client, or to one area of focus in their business operations. This happens when that client or area of focus is bringing in a disproportionate amount of revenue, and therefore gets all the attention. By putting all your eggs in one basket, no matter how vital it is, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your business in other ways.


Unclear Focus


There is such a thing as being so close to a situation that it becomes difficult to see it clearly. This is sometimes the case with business owners and their vision for the future of their company. It’s far too easy to overestimate the value of your organization and its capabilities, which results in focusing on the wrong areas of growth. To meet your growth goals, you need a clear, unbiased picture of where your business is and how to get it to the next step. 


Uncertainty of the Growth Process


The final roadblock is also one of the most challenging. The path to growth is rarely straightforward, and multiple complexities can create obstacles, causing you to change directions. For many business professionals, a simple lack of understanding of the growth process and how to deal with the obstacles that present themselves is by far the biggest challenge of all. 


Reaching Your Business Growth Goals

When you’re on a mission to meet your growth goals, partnering with someone who has helped other organizations achieve their goals and knows exactly how to help you overcome obstacles that stand in your way. We’re here to help you build a growth strategy that will create the results you’re looking for. Contact the Coraggio Group today to learn more.