Case Study

Building an Integrated Marketing Strategy

This international architecture firm, based in Seattle, is known for planning and designing creative and sustainable spaces that foster innovation and meaningful change within an organization. NBBJ’s Strategic Plan called for the development of an organization-wide marketing plan, with the goal of aligning the teams responsible for each of NBBJ’s individual markets.

With offices in cities worldwide and operating under a decentralized structure, NBBJ is segmented into markets defined by project type. Allowing for marketing teams to quickly respond to changes in their markets, this structure also allows each of NBBJ’s market leaders to focus on their division’s needs rather than the organization’s strategic direction. With the goal of better aligning marketing efforts— without centralizing them—NBBJ recognized the need to ask two specific questions. The first question was, “How do we transition from budget-driven marketing to strategic marketing?” The second question that needed to be asked was, “How do we best align our marketing plan with our Strategic Plan?”

A balanced approach to the art and science of marketing was crucial to the success of the project. Following an assessment of the current state, goals, needs, metrics, and timelines, Coraggio designed and facilitated four insight sessions, each with a theme:

  1. Understand the integrated nature of NBBJ’s business strategy, brand, defendable position and value challenge
  2. Create the next evolution of NBBJ as a global leader of innovation in marketing
  3. Build relationships and affirm global position
  4. Manage the structure, culture, process talent, and rewards & recognition variables

To support implementation, Coraggio created a framework for development and roll-out of the marketing plan, as well as communication plans, acculturation plans, and metrics of success. The process put in place by our team ultimately allowed NBBJ to continue to develop their own annual firm-wide Marketing Plans.

“ We must be prepared for hyper-competitive landscapes. The plan that Coraggio helped us build provides us with a roadmap to build on our successes to date and to do better still in the years to come. ”

— Scott Wyatt, Former Managing Partner