Oregon’s Workforce and Talent Development Board

Case Study


 The Oregon Workforce and Talent Development Board (WTDB) operated under a five-year strategic plan. Based on the increased rate of change in our economies across the state, board leadership elected to shift to a two-year cycle to provide as close to real-time planning as possible. This better aligned with federal reporting requirements and legislative budget cycles. 

The planning began with meeting the Board’s Executive Committee to better understand the current and future state of the Board. With deep collaboration we began the process of interviewing key stakeholders and preparing an Assessment Report including a list of priorities to inform the strategic planning process. This report was presented to the board and additional stakeholders for more feedback. At this Visioning Retreat we engaged in a deep dialogue about the future vision, mission and values for the Board. 

Now that we had an informed Executive Committee, we could begin the planning process ensuring that we were in alignment with our imperatives, identified measurable objectives and reachable initiatives. In order to continue the importance of the buy-in process of all stakeholders, we surveyed 200+ stakeholders with draft elements of the plan. This additional input affirmed the Board’s direction, and we finalized the One-Page Two-Year Strategic Plan. 

Ultimately this razor-sharp, focused plan with a vision for “Equitable Prosperity for all Oregonians” was presented at the National Governor’s Conference with great admiration. 

To read the final strategic planning one-pager