Wyoming Office of Tourism

Case Study

Exploring what more was possible for Wyoming tourism

Wyoming and tourism go hand-in-hand. With more than 8.7 million overnight visitors annually and contributing $3.5 billion to the state’s economy in 2017, tourism is one of Wyoming’s most important business sectors.

The Wyoming Office of Tourism’s (WOT) mission is to promote and facilitate increased travel to and within the state. WOT had been successfully increasing tourism in the state, and the Executive Director wanted to explore what more was possible, and Coraggio was hired to assist in constructing an updated strategic plan that included an extensive statewide industry outreach component. 

With competition heating up and most states attracting visitors in new and innovative says, WOT knew it needed a well-conceived strategic plan that would help solidify Wyoming’s presence as a global destination. In addition to the need for a new strategic plan and planning process, WOT’s leadership believed the agency’s organizational structure had grown inefficient since its last update 10 years prior. To support the many ambitious goals and activities of the new strategic plan, WOT needed to evaluate all aspects of the organization, including its structure, leadership practices and key internal processes that enabled it to support its statewide network of industry stakeholders. This work needed to be done in a way that safeguarded and enriched its vibrant organizational culture. 

Using a range of organizational effectiveness principles, Coraggio worked with an internal planning team, multiple industry stakeholders and the Wyoming Tourism Board to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that provided clarity and focus for WOT’s priorities over a three-year time horizon. After careful consideration, measurable objectives and key initiatives were established to ensure WOT’s work would have the greatest possible statewide impact.

“ Coraggio made getting through a very complex set of challenges easy. From start to finish, it has been a great experience with them. ”

— Diane Shober, Executive Director