Great Leaders Give Thanks Every Day

My family, like many, has a Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table and sharing what we are thankful for. Why do we do it? It feels good. It feels good to show appreciation for those you love—and to receive appreciation from others.

Why not try it out now and see for yourself? Close your eyes and think of three things you are particularly thankful for this week. When you open your eyes, I bet you’ll find your smile a bit bigger.

At Coraggio, we take this tradition of giving thanks seriously:

  • At our staff meetings, we share tales from the trails about how one of our team mates went above and beyond in the last two weeks.
  • When we head out to client sessions, we always wish each other good luck. I even got a text message this Sunday as I landed in LAX saying “safe travels and good luck tomorrow” for our client work session.
  • When a team mate sends off a deliverable for review, it’s not uncommon to get a reply all message saying “thank you for the good work!”

Collectively, these actions cultivate a spirit of gratitude that makes those Sunday flights, evening meetings, and last-minute requests much easier. I feel appreciated and valued—something a paycheck alone can’t do.

As a leader of an organization, a team, or among your peers, I invite you to extend the tradition of giving thanks from your home to your place of work. Research shows this can help build a healthy culture, boost productivity, and contribute to a healthier bottom line. But, why not do it because it just feels good?