Meet Yahya, Our New Business Analyst!

By Yahya Haqiqi

We’re very pleased to introduce Coraggio’s new Business Analyst, Yahya Haqiqi. He joins us from New Avenues for Youth, where he spent the last four years as a Business Manager overseeing and successfully growing one of their social enterprises.

Meet Yahya and learn about why we’re excited for him to be a part of our team.

What were you doing prior to Coraggio?
Prior to joining Coraggio, I was working for a non-profit called New Avenues for Youth as a Business Manager. At New Avenues I managed one of their social enterprises, a Ben & Jerry’s store that serves as a job training program for Portland’s at-risk youth.  As a Business Manager, I had the opportunity to develop and innovate some key systems and processes at the store, which included:

  • Developing a new training program for shop staff at all levels, decreasing training time by more than 50% and significantly increasing the job readiness of youth as they exited the program
  • Developing a weekly cost of goods sold (COGS) tracker that helped decrease COGS from 32% to 19%

These process, among others, helped increase shop sales by more than 50% while reducing costs. During my time at New Avenues, I also had the great pleasure of working in the Equity team and helping drive the organization toward creating a more diverse and inclusive culture.

What excites you about working at Coraggio?
I’m thrilled to be working for an organization that believes everyone has the potential for excellence. I’m looking forward to growing in my role and helping organizations be the best they can be. I’m also excited to be joining a team of smart and multi-talented people. Everyone at Coraggio has been very welcoming and I look forward to learning from everyone and growing myself as well.

What are some of the biggest influences on your thinking?
I have always believed that ignorance is something that divides us and is the single greatest factor keeping us from excelling both individually and as a society. Malcom X, who is a big role model for me, is a great example of how knowledge can transform and set us on a path to success. Finding the right path personally resonates with me and is what drew me to Coraggio, whose purpose is to provide knowledge and expertise to organizations as they seek their own transformation and path to success.

Share with our readers something you are personally passionate about.
I love soccer! Even though I have not had much chance to play recently, it is something I can do for hours without realizing where the time is going. I have played in small tournaments on and off and have even done a little coaching.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Family is very important to me and I spend a lot of my free time with mine. I can usually be found debating politics, philosophy or science with my brothers, having tea with my mom or spending some quality time with my wife and two sons. I also have a group of friends that I like to spend time with whenever we can get together. When I’m not being entertained by those around me, I usually find myself thinking about the bigger meaning of life.

 What are your personal mottos?

  • Live like it’s your last day to live.
  • You can never change others, only yourself.