Meet Katherine, Our New Marketing Manager

By Katherine Pokrass

As the newest member of our Coraggio family, we asked Katherine to share a little bit about her past work experience and life’s passions.

What were you doing prior to Coraggio?
I have a pretty diverse work background that is rooted mostly in Marketing and Creative Services. While I’ve always worked in marketing in some capacity, the industries that I have serviced have varied from publishing to consumer electronics to construction. In my last role, I developed and implemented regional communication efforts and also partnered closely with executive-level members to develop and manage both internal and external corporate initiatives.

What excites you about working at Coraggio?
First, I’m excited to work with some of the best consultants in the industry. The experience that my fellow Coraggians have is impressive and I hope to absorb as much as I can from their skill set to help me grow professionally. Secondly, I’m excited that I have the opportunity to have a voice and witness how my actions can make a positive impact on the business. Coming from a large corporation, it’s sometimes difficult to be heard and for someone like myself who enjoys influencing positive change, it can often feel stifling. At Coraggio, not only do I have the opportunity to truly manage a piece of the business, but I also have the chance to witness the positive impact that I have on the firm.

Share with our readers something that you are personally passionate about.
I’m an explorer at heart and love to travel. To me, this means anything from a trip to Japan to exploring a new trail in Forest Park. My husband and I have a lifetime goal of traveling to all seven contents. I’ve only set foot on three, so I still have quite a bit to go.

What is your personal motto?
Life is too short to sit still, so get out there and explore.