PBJ’s Cool Spaces: Coraggio Group

By Katherine Pokrass

At Coraggio, we spend a lot of time thinking about how every organization has the potential for excellence. Making organizations more efficient and effective is what we’re built to do.

One often overlooked area in business management is the operational environment. In other words, does your office layout support your organization’s goals? Is it ideal for the people who use it?

As a business consulting firm, we recognize that our team functions best when we are able to collaborate. Cubicles just don’t really work for us.

In 2018, we had the perfect opportunity to improve our organizational culture during the remodel our 5,000-square-foot suite in the Gotham Building at 2240 N. Interstate Ave. in Portland, Oregon. We said goodbye to confining walls and embraced the open office plan with designated group-think spaces.

Our team members welcomed the change and our clients benefited from our increased operational efficiency. People around town took note too. Portland Business Journal liked our new office so much that they featured it in their commercial real estate section. Click on the link below to check out our cool space:


Optimizing an office environment is just one step towards achieving excellence. We offer a full suite of change management services including employee engagement and business strategy consultation.

Let’s start the conversation about how Coraggio can help you develop stronger leaders, healthier organizations, and more productive teams.