Colleen Floyd

Associate Principal

Data-driven analysis is strongest when combined with emotional intelligence and empathy. All three are central to how Coraggio works.

A life-long traveler, I am always looking for the unique and compelling aspects of the places I visit. Every destination is special in its own way, and I want to really experience its essence. At Coraggio, I bring that same focus into each travel and tourism project, building the deep understanding of a place needed to chart a strategic path that meets the future our clients want to bring into being for their communities. It’s rewarding to meet a destination in the moment, while also designing solutions that are long-lasting, even in the face of constant change.

Prior to joining Coraggio, I was the Director of Research for the Arizona Office of Tourism. In that role, I managed the research program driving strategic decisions and marketing. The tourism research landscape evolves constantly, and I particularly enjoyed adapting and making deeper use of the research we had. COVID presented an important challenge, as we were faced with a situation that changed faster than our usual data sources came in.

When not at work I’m tackling complicated dessert recipes and hiking or camping with my family in the mountains of my beloved native Colorado.