Kimberly Ramsawak

Associate Principal

When we collaborate in a common endeavor, each person’s perspective and core of kindness and respect come together and grow in strength, creating a powerful force for facing and tackling any challenge.

I believe in the power of collaborative organizational strategic and development efforts and am excited to be working with Coraggio on a range of strategic projects across the travel and tourism industry. I thrive when analyzing information and data sets, synthesizing them into easy-to-understand guideposts and actionable solutions. With a 20+ year history in the travel and tourism industry—working in 80 cities across five continents (so far)—my experience has ranged from tourism marketing for America’s largest department store, to sales, management and operations for cultural attractions, museums, tour operators, and domestic and international destination marketing organizations.

I am passionate about advocating for people of color and young professionals in the travel and tourism industry and have acted as an adjunct instructor and lecturer at various colleges and universities.

Away from work, I’m having fun listening to true crime podcasts, reading and traveling both around the U.S. and internationally with my husband and son.