Mélanie Thizy

Project Coordinator

Working in a collaborative and creative environment helps me live into my values around being innovative and responsive.

Born and raised in France, I have always been an explorer at heart. Before joining Coraggio, I studied and worked in the hospitality industry and love the way my experience dovetails into Coraggio’s work and helps lend insight into the challenges our clients are working to address.

Everything we deliver to our clients is the result of genuine passion and strong collaboration. As Project Coordinator, I focus on making the process smooth for both our internal team and for our clients. Since I am able to be part of so many of our projects, I see firsthand the team effort that goes into each client engagement.

In my free time, I enjoy yoga and hiking, either in nature or along San Antonio’s Riverwalk near my home. It’s so energizing to head outdoors and enjoy the wonderful place I live!