Ninwa Hanna

Associate Principal

One size definitely doesn’t fit all in the consulting world. I believe that to be successful you have to customize your process each time to maximize value.

It takes teamwork, and for an organization to be successful in achieving desired breakthroughs it needs a collaborative approach, combining various abilities, strengths, and perspectives.

I’m a natural born “fixer”. I find it rewarding to identify critical barriers holding clients back from reaching their full potential and enjoy developing data-driven solutions that help them maximize their results. I’ve been told I have a great ability to pick out the hidden gems of destinations and find creative ways to help them stand out.

Before joining Coraggio, I spent several years in the travel industry as well as the humanitarian field and have lived and worked abroad extensively, developing a commitment to elevating the potential of destinations while preserving their authenticity and mitigating over-tourism. I am trilingual (speaking English, Arabic, and Spanish) and have expertise in the Middle East & North Africa region.

Outside of work I can be found reading (I’m a huge bookworm), watching true crime documentaries, or spending time with my husband, daughter, and larger-than-life extended family.

Articles by Ninwa

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