Sam Brigham

Senior Research Analyst

Strong solutions come from looking at problems from multiple angles and using what we learn to chart new strategic directions.

As a research analyst, my role is to dive into the data and uncover insights that identify and effectively describe the root causes of our clients’ challenges. Passionate about designing creative methods to structure my analytical work, I am always on the lookout for innovative ways to synthesize new forms of information that will help our clients get clear on their organization’s current state and point them in the right strategic direction. The “Ah-ha” moments when I see my analytical work result in clear, actionable insights and the time I spend distilling disparate information sources into a succinct story are my favorite parts of the day. I believe that any strong solution comes from looking at a problem from multiple angles, and my background in economics, statistics, and environmental science helps me see our clients’ challenges and opportunities through financial, human, and planetary lenses alike.

At Coraggio, I can work on a uniquely broad range of high-impact engagements across our practices, spanning both public and private sector work. I also joined Coraggio because of the people. My colleagues are thought leaders in their respective areas of expertise, and I truly learn something new every day.

I am passionate about education and ensuring that as many people as possible develop strong literacy skills and the ability to think critically about the world we live in. Outside of work, I spend my time running, hiking in Colorado’s beautiful mountains, volunteering as a tutor, and reading non-fiction.