Yahya Haqiqi

Senior Business Analyst

For any organization to have a meaningful breakthrough, its leaders need to listen to the people who make it work: its customers, employees, and community. Only then when you listen to these diverse viewpoints are you going to find unique solutions.

As a business analyst, my role is to dig into the data and leave no stone unturned to help our clients get to the root of their challenges. Once that problem is clearly and accurately identified, I help them find creative solutions to their roadblocks and  then take steps overcome them. Motivating and inspiring others to reach their full potential is personally motivating and inspiring to me. I use this “superpower” to help our clients find answers and solutions that will help them and their organizations succeed.

Family is very important to me and I spend the majority of my free time with mine. I can usually be found debating philosophy or politics with my brothers, having tea with my mom or spending quality time with my wife and two sons. When I’m not being entertained by those around me, I usually find myself thinking about the bigger meaning of life.

Articles by Yahya

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