Meet Alexandra, Our Newest Associate!

We’re proud to introduce Coraggio’s newest Associate Principal, Alexandra Reese. She joins us from Portland-based ECONorthwest where, for the past six years, she’s provided strategy and analysis services to both private and public entities. Most of her work has been rooted in the Pacific Northwest with a number of organizations such as the Downtown Seattle Association, Oregon Business Council, and City of Salem.

Meet Alexandra and learn more about why we’re so excited for her to be a part of our team.

Alexandra-500px-GraphicsWhat were you doing prior to Coraggio?
I was a Project Manager at ECONorthwest (ECO), one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest economics consulting firm, where I helped local governments and businesses make data-driven strategy and policy decisions. Over the course of my six years at ECO, I had the privilege of working closely with principals who pioneered transportation, land-use and social policies that continue to shape public policy. Their mentorship helped me to develop a range of analytic and consulting skills that I will carry into my work at Coraggio.

What excites you about working at Coraggio?
The work at Coraggio first got me in the door. The people at Coraggio made me excited to stay.

For a strategy to be effective—to move an organization toward a shared vision of the future—its development must engage the right people with the right process. In my experience, process is the key difference between a strategy that gets implemented and one that sits on the shelf collecting dust. Coraggio’s focus on and reputation for leading clients through an effective process is what first piqued my interest in working here.

Over the course of my interview process, I had the pleasure of getting to know many Coraggians. I was and continue to be impressed by their intelligence, passion, and commitment to the firm’s values. I could not be happier to join such an incredible team.

What are some of the biggest influences on your thinking?
My experiences traveling and living abroad have fundamentally shaped the person I am today. I first lived overseas when I was 20—I worked and conducted research at worker-owned factories in Argentina. It was a year of firsts: I rented my own apartment, worked in another language, and had to build a community from scratch. I had a lot of fun, made a few mistakes, and learned a lot about myself along the way.

Share with our readers something that you are personally passionate about.
Art. I grew up making it. Anything I could try—I did acting, ballet, drawing, musical theater and painting. Today, I’m more an appreciator of art, although I still get out to dance and draw. It expands my frame of reference and pushes me to be more creative in other aspects of my life.

What’s your personal motto?
“Don’t get too comfortable.”

Change excites me. I love jumping into the unknown, which makes consulting a great gig. Each new engagement requires me to stretch myself in a new way, be it getting up to speed on a new industry or market, learning a new organizational model, or answering an atypical question.